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The lessons I have learned from being raised in a military family have always guided me. The experience I have gained from working in the mortgage industry for over 20 years has given me a strong understanding of finance, equity, as well as given me insight into a system that most only have a glimpse of. Combining these two parts of my life for the greater good is my passion project. Operation Shield Foundation was created to honor the men and women who give for our liberties and beliefs. Benjamin De Israeli said, The greatest gift we give others is not sharing our riches, but sharing with them the riches they possess.”

We are sharing the dreams of others to build a community that is founded on the principle of hard work, camaraderie, and trust. My love for this country and my knowledge that what we do for others strengthens the fabric of our lives, the communities that surround us, and the individuals we serve every day. This has become the basis of our mission statement. I am excited to see the impact our company of Veterans, military family members, and patriots, can have with just one word, one moment, one day to mobilize and impart change.